Kalkhoff entice.3 woman

For whom is the Kalkhoff Entice 3.B Move suitable?

For the Alpine Tourer. There are hardly any other bikes that can be used as variably as Hardtails. With new drives and increasingly sophisticated technology, these bikes are taking the market by storm. Own performance classes in competitive sports are being planned. This category proves that with a pedelec, fun and sportiness do not go astray. Even in technically demanding trails, these hardtails make an agile impression. If you can’t get enough of mountain biking, you’ve come to the right place!

Kalkhoff entice.3 woman

1 day /
€ 55,00
2 days /
€ 110,00
3 days /
€ 165,00
4 days /
€ 215,00
5 days /
€ 265,00
6 days /
€ 315,00
7 days /
€ 360,00
extra days /
€ 40,00


What's included


Flat Standard Pedals


2 Bottle cages


S - M - L - XL

Kask Helmet available in size:

Important: helmets are not automatically supplied. Please confirm them on reservation form.

What’s not included, but available for rent:

  • Clip less pedals: Speedplay, Look Keo, Shimano Spd Sl, Shimano MTB (+5 Euros per pair of pedals per day)
  • Garmin 520 GPS unit (+15 Euros per day)

What’s not included, but available for purchase:

  • Tuscany Bicycle branded water bottle (+6 Euros per Waterbottle)
  • Tuscany Bicycle Map (+3 Euros per map)