Pinarello Granger

Get ready to step into your next epic adventure. No matter how long or how far, just ride, get lost while exploring and find your inner soul. It’s all about the experience, exploring new destinations and sharing it while you are in the most remote places on Earth.

A comfort-optimized carbon fiber structure with an unidirectional finishing that absorbs all road vibrations for a pleasurable and comfortable ride.

For first Pinarello understood that, while the thrust applied to both pedals is the same, the pull on the chain applies to the right side only. For this reason, all frames are optimized to compensate these unbalanced forces.

A distinctive Pinarello Technology since 2000. The shape of the fork delivers precise turning abilities, stability and reduction of longitudinal and lateral shocks.

Pinarello Granger

1 day /
€ 55,00
2 days /
€ 110,00
3 days /
€ 165,00
4 days /
€ 215,00
5 days /
€ 265,00
6 days /
€ 315,00
7 days /
€ 360,00
extra days /
€ 40,00


TorayCa T600 UD, Internal Cable Routing, Italian BB
grevil onda fork with forkflap™, tapered head tube
Shimano GRX, 2 pistons caliper, 160mm rotor
Shimano GRX, 2 pistons caliper, 160mm rotor
STEM Tiger Aero Alu TiCR
BAR TAPE MOST Ultragrip Evo 3mm - Black
SADDLE Most Lynx Aircross FEC Alloy Large 145mm
SEATPOST most alu round seatpost
SEAT CLAMP fsc frontal seat clamp
WHEELSET DISC Fulcrum Rapid Red 500

What's included


Flat Standard Pedals


2 Bottle cages


S - M - L - XL

Kask Helmet available in size:

Important: helmets are not automatically supplied. Please confirm them on reservation form.

What’s not included, but available for rent:

  • Clip less pedals: Speedplay, Look Keo, Shimano Spd Sl, Shimano MTB (+5 Euros per pair of pedals per day)
  • Garmin 520 GPS unit (+15 Euros per day)

What’s not included, but available for purchase:

  • Tuscany Bicycle branded water bottle (+6 Euros per Waterbottle)
  • Tuscany Bicycle Map (+3 Euros per map)